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El Sol Mexican Restaurant | Morton Grove,IL | Traditional Mexican Food

Real Mexican food is absolutely nothing like the pale imitations you get at various nationwide fast food or casual dining establishments. Real Mexican food, for example, is not warmed by heating lamps for hours on end. If you want to sample the most authentic and most traditional Mexican food in Morton Grove, IL, you want to come to El Sol Mexican Restaurant.

We have a simple philosophy when it comes to making our food. We believe that meat should be purely meat, and not full of additives and “mystery” ingredients. We believe that produce should be fresh and cheese should be real cheese and not a cheese-like product created in a laboratory. Finally, and most importantly, we believe that food should just plain taste good.

The chefs at our authentic Mexican restaurant prepare each dish with great love and care, accurately reflecting the culture and people of Mexico, who have a long and storied tradition of feeding family and friends amazing food. We are not appropriating a culture we know nothing about in order to capitalize on some trend; we are celebrating and honoring our own heritage each day.

Our family restaurant will introduce your children to new flavor sensations they have never experienced before, but will immediately love forever. Exposing them when they are ready to new foods can broaden their culinary horizons and help refine their pallets, If you are looking to give your next event a Mexican flare that you simply will not find with other caterers, we also provide Mexican catering services.

Here at El Sol Mexican Restaurant, we are your antidote to bland, ordinary meals. Browse our menu to find the perfect entree for whatever mood you are in tonight.

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