El Sol Mexican Restaurant | Morton Grove,IL | Margaritas

No mixed drink on earth so perfectly encapsulates a youthful feeling of exuberance, celebration, and summer fun as a margarita. At El Sol Mexican Restaurant, we proudly serve the best margaritas in Morton Grove, IL.

Margaritas are traditionally made with tequila as well as triple sec, which are then expertly blended with lemon or lime juice. There are several different varieties of margaritas to choose from, including frozen, straight up, or on the rocks. Our experienced, fully trained bartender will make it exactly the way you want it every time. No matter how you like it, nothing turns an ordinary meal into a victory celebration quite like a delicious margarita beverage.

In addition to mixed drink options, we also offer our guests a variety of imported specialty Mexican beer. We also offer many different domestic beers to choose from. We have beer and ale to suit every taste and price range, so you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Because we strive to be a family friendly establishment, we also have a wide variety of soft drinks and sodas for younger diners to enjoy. We want everyone to feel comfortable eating with us and we go out of our way to ensure each guest has an amazing time, whether they partake in our alcoholic drink options or not.

When you come to El Sol Mexican Restaurant, it is like taking a mini vacation without ever leaving your home town! Our atmosphere is fun and festive, so join us tonight to take part in the biggest on-going party of the century!

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